7mm Knee Sleeves Pair : Camouflage

Rs. 1,999
Made with high grade 7mm neoprene, designed to minimise the risk of injury, provide warmth and to support performance. Ideal for Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, Cross Fit or any type of strength training.

Product Description:

• Material: Neoprene
• Thickness: 7mm
• Stitching Type: Cross Stitching
• Made by: 1RM

How to measure:

Measure the circumference of your knee joint with your leg out straight, keeping your muscles relaxed. Measure around the centre of your kneecap (at the patella), and around the thickest part of your calf.

Size Chart (in Inches)
Size               S             M             L              XL
Inches     11-13         13-15      15-17       17-19

Wash Care Instructions

We recommend hand–washing your knee sleeves with water or a mild detergent (or a specialist neoprene/wetsuit detergent), then allow the sleeves to air dry standing up.

A washing machine wash might damage the knee sleeve.

Customer Reviews

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Aditya panchal
7mm knee sleeves-camouflage

The sleeves are very comfortable and it provides a great support & you don’t face any pressure on your knees while you squat. This will even help you out for getting your new PR! It will increase 5-10 KG to your squats. These are the sleeves to buy if you are looking forward to buy one.Highly recommend!



Ashutosh Patnaik
7mm knee sleeves-camouflage

It is quite comfortable, it provides great support to the knees while hitting the depth !

Honest review

Sleeves are very comfortable & provide great support while squatting.
This added about 5-10kg to my squat (approx).
Provide great bounce from the hole while squatting

All in all, great product, the sleeves do what they're meant to do, keep ypur knees warm & provide a bit of additional mental & physical support in your squats.

Jai Kalakoti

7mm Knee Sleeves Pair - Camouflage

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