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About the description

give some more description about the product. Like the length, thickness and material.

Honest Reviews

Supreme quality... loved the products.. thanks Abhisekh n team 1RM!

Price hike within a week

Last week price show 4199 and now showing 4499

Decline bench press

You cannot do decline on this bench.


To the people telling that the price has increased I guess what they've done is they have included the tax and shipping price and listed the price as 4199.. earlier when it was around 2k it was excluding the taxes and shipping which was to be added during checkout...the price is the same...might be wrong but I guess that's it

Hi Sweata, you have got it right.Thank you for understanding. We are here to help you with the best.

Over pricing

Why there is a price hike from 2800 to 4200. Please lower the price.

I want to purchase

How much does it costs for each 5,10 and 20 kg plates

restocking to buy this product

what's the price of this product& when it will be available to purchase it?